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Linc Tower Run, Goa, 2017, Gera's Imperium II, Panaji, Goa

Sun 28 Jan 2018, Gera's Imperium II, EDC's Patto Plaza, Panaji, Goa

840 steps up, 840 steps down; India’s longest


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Fredsan, Aditi, Fire Services win Linc Tower Run 2016

PANAJI: Fredsan Marshall and Aditi Rajesh Patil grabbed individual honours in the men’s and women’s category respectively, while Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services emerged as the top corporate team at the Linc Tower Run, Goa 2016 held at EDC’s Patto Plaza on Sunday 31 January 2016. Other prize winners included Narayan Zantye College (top student team) and Vishwanath Shetye and Group (top group), while Suman Gosawi and Suraj Bind were winners in women’s and men’s categories in the Vertical Sprint (One Building Only). The event was organized by CII, Yi and Adventure Breaks.

The event was flagged off by FC Goa football stars Laxman Kattimani and Romeo Fernandes, in the presence of Linc Properties CEO Prakash Jalan, CII Goa Chairman Parag Joshi and Yi Goa Chair Nitin Desai. Altogether 450 participants ran 840 steps up and 840 steps down across five buildings, competing in three events and bagging prizes in seven categories.

EDC’s Patto plaza had a festival atmosphere with a focus on health, as each race was interspersed by performances. Tito’s gave every participant a free T-shirt. Talwalkar’s HiFi led a warm-up exercise session, while Cheryl’s Zumba dance exercise troupe and a Krau Maga self defence techniques demonstration were held. Diet Clinic held a health quiz. Ambrosia Health Foods gave the participants free healthy breakfasts, while healthy juices were sold at moderate prices. Monginis gave free snacks to each participant, while Real gave them soft drinks and water. Manipal Hospitals was the medical partner, keeping two ambulances on standby at the venue and a team of doctors and para-medics on alert during the event.

Winners got medals and cash prizes. Detailed results:

Individual Men: (1) Fredsan Marshall (8:23), (2) Suraj Bind (9:38), (3) Krishna Parsenkar (10:08). Individual Women: Aditi Patil (12:51), (2) Parnika Bansode (13:10), Siddhi Pawar (13:40). Veteran Men: (1) Kanhaiya Vernekar (11:52), (2) Vishwanath Shetye (12:15), (3) Sanjay Bhosale (12:44). Veteran Women: (1) Alexandra Von Moltke (14:52), (2) Geeta Anand (17:49). Student Boys: (1) Shivam Borkar (10:22), (2) Venkatesh Malagimani (10:42), (3) Amardeep Popkar (11:07). Student Girls: (1) Suman Gosawi (16:32), (2) Tanvi Shetye (20:57), (3) Harleen Kaur (22:19). Corporate Teams: (1) Directorate of Fire & Emergency Services (9:46), (2) GKB Vision Ltd (9:51), (3) Mandovi Drydocks (10:18). Group Teams: (1) Vishwanath Shetye & Team (8:50), (2) Shambhu Kamat & Team (11:06), (3) Law Warriors (11:30). College Teams: (1) Narayan Zantye College (7:12), (2) Austin Siji & Team (7:52), Govt College, Quepem (9:00). Vertical Sprint Men: (1) Suraj Bind (2:01), (2) Gauresh Gaude (2:04), (3) Prasad Gudekar (2:08). Vertical Sprint Women: (1) Suman Gosavi (2:38), (2) Alexandra Von Moltke (2:46), (3) Geeta Anand (2:48).