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Frequently Asked Questions


What time does the Goa Tower Run 2019 begin?
The first race of the Goa Tower Run 2019 begins at 8:15am sharp on Sunday 20 February 2019, at Gera's Imperium II, EDC Patto Plaza, Near Bus Stand, Panaji-403001. However, all runners are required to arrive by 6:00am, sign the form and wear their running bibs by 7.45am, in order to run.

Can I register on the day of the Tower Run?
No. You can register latest by 5.30pm on Tuesday 5 February 2019 for the Goa Tower Run 2019. Spot entries may or may not be accepted beyond the last date, so we recommend registering in advance.

Can children participate in the Tower Run?
If anyone under the age of 18 wishes to participate in the Goa Tower Run 2019, they must have a written entry form duly signed by one of their parents / guardians.

Is there a Registration Fee for the Tower Run?
Goa Tower Run 2019: 
Individual entries: Rs700
Student entries: Rs400
Group / Institution Team Entries: Rs2,500
Corporate Team Entries: Rs5,000
Student Team Entries: Rs1,250
Vertical Sprint - One Building Only:
Individuals only: Rs400

Is there any concession?
YES. Till 31 December 2017, we offer Early Bird Concessional Prices to those who register early
Goa Tower Run 2019 EARLY BIRD PRICES (till 31 Dec 2017): 
Individual entries: Rs600
Student entries: Rs200
Group / Institution Team Entries: Rs2,000
Corporate Team Entries: Rs4,000
Student Team Entries: Rs1,000
Vertical Sprint - One Building Only: 
Individuals only: Rs300

How do I register?
Online Registrations for the Goa Tower Run 2019 are on. Just click on the 'Register Now' button and keep your credit card close by.
Those who wish to register can also call Kim Sabir on +91-8975841178 or Ashwin Tombat on +91-88882500129 / 9834983802.

Can I register offline?
Entry forms are available and filled entries will be accepted along with the fees by mutual arrangement. Please call
Kim Sabir on +91 9511708507 / +91 8975841178 or Ashwin Tombat on +91 88882500129 / +91 9834983802.

How is the race conducted?
Each competitor is individually timed using electronic systems. The one that takes the least time for all five buildings wins.

How is the timing done?
Each competitor is issued with a wrist band that contains a timing chip. There are timing volunteers with timing devices at the start and finish. Competitors start individually with a gap of 5 to 10 seconds between competitors. This is done so as not to crowd the staircase. Each competitor's timing is electronically recorded at the start and finish. Bib numbers are noted at the top of each building to ensure that each competitor has completed the entire course. 

What about the Team Event?
For the Team Event, each competitor has to climb only one building. The timing chip is mounted on a baton that has to be handed from one team member to the next. The baton with timing chip is electronically timed at the start and finish. Bib numbers are noted at the top of each building to ensure that each team has completed the entire course. 

What about the Vertical Sprint?
For the Vertical Sprint, competitors have to climb only one building. Timing is done exactly as for the individual event (above).

Can I carry anything with me while running?
This is a HANDS FREE event, to ensure safety. You cannot carry anything that won’t fit in your pocket. Belts / backpacks with water are NOT allowed.

What if I need hydration?
In the Goa Tower Run 2019, hydration stations will be provided at the bottom of every building.

Can I run in chappals or barefoot?
All participants must wear running shoes / gym shoes / tennis shoes / five finger shoes. It is risky to run in sandals, chappals, crocs or barefoot, as your feet could get trampled and injured by other runners.

Where will the prizes be given?
The prize distribution ceremony of the Goa Tower Run 2019 will be held shortly after the function. Participants can collect their participation certificates at the function. In case Finisher Medals are handed out, certificates will be sent to participants online.

Do I need a number to run?
You will get a running bib (a sheet of non-tear paper with a number on it).

What if I need to go to the toilet?
Toilets will be available to participants. These will be indicated before the race.