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What’s a Tower Run?

Tower running is a stair climbing sport. It involves running up the internal staircases of buildings. It is a not a conventional sport. There are no cheering crowds; races are in enclosed concrete stairwells, but it is a supreme test of the competitors’ fitness. In 2017, nearly 200,000 men and women participated in over 290 Tower Running races worldwide, in 38 countries. 

Races are backed by top sponsors – the Empire State Building (sponsored by India's own TCS), Tower 42 (London, sponsored by Fujitsu), Willis Tower (Chicago, sponsored by Sears), CN Tower (Toronto, sponsored by Enbridge Inc), Eureka Tower (Melbourne, sponsored by OsteoEze), Swissotel (Singapore, sponsored by Soleus watches, Mizuno apparel and Nestle Milo), Taipei 101 (Taiwan, sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank), Menara Tower (Penang, Malaysia, sponsored by Penang Global Tourism), Landmark 72 (Hanoi, Vietnam, sponsored by Calidas Royal Residence), International Commerce Centre (Hong Kong, sponsored by Sun Hung Kai Properties) and China World Summit Wing Hotel (Beijing, sponsored by Shangri-La Hotel and Emirates) – and offer big prize money. 

The Linc Tower Run is different. In Goa, the maximum number of floors in a building allowed under zoning laws is seven. That is why this event is across five buildings, aggregating a total of 35 floors. In tall buildings, the race ends on the top floor. In the number of steps, it is the longest tower running race in India and on par with top Tower Runs worldwide. 

The world’s longest tower run is the Niesen Treppenlauf; 11,674 steps up a staircase next to a funicular railway to the top of Mount Niesen, Switzerland. 

More than 160 races held in 25 countries are evaluated each year for the Tower Running World Cup, by the Towerrunning World Association (TWA), based in Austria. Goa is one of them.

The event is supported by the Towerrunning World Association (TWA). 


Linc Property Developers Ltd

​Linc Property Developers Ltd is a construction and real estate developer company headquartered in Goa. It offers customers a wide range of home options from medium budget apartments and affordable row villas, to luxury apartments and bungalows as well. Linc takes pride in building homes that cater to a variety of lifestyles, with a promise of uncompromised quality.

Linc has over 100 happy satisfied customers, who have proven to be brand ambassadors for the company over the years. They vouch the quality, ethics and relationships maintained by the company. Over time, Linc has built a strong positive market reputation as trusted builders of Goa.

Homes by Linc are aesthetically pleasing and have a feeling of warmth to them. More importantly, these homes function very well because we are passionate about delivering good quality. After all, "Design is not just what it looks like and what it feels like. Design is how it works." — Steve Jobs.

Projects by Linc aim at a low maintenance aesthetic appeal, as the famous principle of modernist architecture, coined by renowned architect Louis Sullivan goes: "Form Follows Function."

Linc Property Developers Ltd. has been continuously delivering high quality homes and has been growing steadily on foundations of trust and lasting relationships with customers.

As we humbly say at Linc, "We Build Relationships and Dreams."

Mr Prakash Jalan, Director of Linc Property Developers Ltd, has been at the helm of affairs since the company's inception. He has over two decades of experience as Director at Linc Pen & Plastics Ltd. Having diversified into the construction industry, he brings with him a penchant for cutting-edge technology and techniques. He is well known among the business circuits of Goa for his credibility, reliability and integrity.



Adventure Breaks organises adventure sports and sports events, and offers consultancy services in both. Go on our Ocean Treks (on mountains facing the sea) or rock climbing on seaside cliffs. Kayak in the backwater mangroves or to an island out at sea. Go spotting crocodiles on a kayak. Sail in a boat powered only by the wind, and watch a glorious sunset. Take a day trip to Grande Island, to watch colourful sea life while snorkelling. Swim out in the deep sea, or join our Mega Mandovi River Swim. Go on an off-the-beaten-path cycling odyssey. Test your mettle in competitive adventure events like our Tower Runs, Moonlight Beach Marathons and Sprint Triathlons… 

Adventure Breaks offers safe, guided adventures. You are in the hands of a qualified and experienced guide. We follow all international safety norms. Adventure Breaks is deeply committed to the environment. We strongly discourage litter of any kind, on land or water. We require clients to bring back all garbage for disposal in a proper facility. We discourage use of plastic that cannot be recycled.

Adventure Breaks was set up in 2013 by Kim Sabir (CEO) and Ashwin Tombat (Director).

Kim Sabir is a sailor, climber and trekker. In 1986, he sailed from Mumbai to Muscat, Oman, in a 21-foot open Seabird sailing boat. He is also Goa’s top personal fitness trainer. Kim handles Treks and Climbing for Adventure Breaks.

Ashwin Tombat was a journalist; editor of a number of English daily newspapers in Goa before he chucked it all up to do adventure full time. A competitive cyclist in school and ardent mountaineer in college, for years, he did sailing and sea swimming at every opportunity he could get. Now, it is his profession. Ashwin handles Kayaking and Sea Swimming, and assists with Treks, Climbing, Sailing and Cycling for Adventure Breaks.